Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb
ingredients, recipe and method


Serves 2 people

1 large French trimmed rack of lamb
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp pepper
four tsps olive oil
2 slices of stale white bread
six sprigs of fresh flat leaf parsley (but curly parsley works equally well)
two tablespoons of mustard
(anyone of your choice works, but we prefer dijon)


* Preheat oven to 180degc fan assisted

* Season the lamb with salt and pepper

* Add a couple of spoons of olive oil to a hot pan, and place the rack fat side down to get some colour. Using a tongs, turn over the lamb and colour on all sides.

* Remove from the hob and set aside.

* Place the parsley, salt, pepper, bread and a few drops of olive oil in a blender and blitz.

* Place a sheet of cling film on your work surface. Place the lamb on top.

* With a pastry brush paint the lamb with the mustard.

* Sprinkle the herb mixture over your rack of lamb. Using the cling film wrap your lamb and press firmly to help stick the crumbs to the lamb. I like to allow this to sit and set for a while. This makes it much easier when you come to carve.

* Remove the cling film and place the lamb on a roasting tin, cook for 15mins uncovered.

* Remove from the oven, and rest for 10-15 mins.

* Carve the lamb between, the bones. This recipe is allowing four chops per person, but you can alter this according to appetite !!!!



Serving suggestion.

Lamb is a lovely meat, and served this way with a herb crust, it has a lot of flavour. For this reason, simple vegetables are ideal. why not try some buttered green beans, and some baby new potatoes tossed in some melted butter with a little chopped garlic.

You don't need a sauce, but if you like gravy and sauces, you could probably reduce the juices from the roasting dish, add a dash of port, some redcurrant jelly and serve.